Right Window Treatments

Blinds, Shutters, or Drapery for Your Calgary Home?

Picking the right window treatments can be challenging. You want the right amount of light, air, space, and comfort, but also the right price.

When it comes time to shop for drapery and blinds in Calgary, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Luckily, by understanding the common types of window treatments, and their unique features, you may be able to narrow down the list.

Common Types of Window Treatments in Calgary Homes

Most window treatments are classified into simple categories (i.e. blinds, draperies, and shutters). From there on, the category expands further to offer you a full range of options to dress and cover your windows.

Here is what you can expect in each category:

  • Blinds: Typically, retail stores selling blinds in Calgary offer wood and faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are attractive, affordable, and efficient. They are often made of vinyl or other materials that look and feel like wood, but without the price of real wood blinds. Wooden blinds are natural slats of wood that have been painted or stained to match a colour or style. Varieties range from oak to pine to bamboo, and the colour choices are endless.
  • Shutters: Shutters tend to be pricier than blinds, but they are also an architectural element that adds functionality and beauty to the room. You control light and privacy and can increase insulation in the summer or winter with shutters. Shutters are a timeless window treatment, and can look very impressive in your home
  • Draperies: Draperies and curtains are decorative and feature a full-length panel of material. While drapes and curtains are decorative elements,they are also functional. Drapes can block out light, insulate the space, and filter light. They also make windows look and feel larger, but you must ensure that they are installed correctly.
  • Shades: Shades comein many forms, from solar to sheer. A solar shade is a roller that filters the sun while adding energy efficiency to the home. Sheer shades, on the other hand, are airy and filter light while still providing you with privacy. Other forms of shades include rollers, Roman shades, woven wood, cellular, and outdoor.

Choose the Right Shutters, Blinds, or Draperies for Each Room

The right choice of window treatment usually comes down to the type of room. Some examples of room and window treatment pairings include:

  • Living Areas: Your living areas require privacy, but also abundant natural light.Therefore, drapes with a sheer layer may be the perfect fit. You can pull back the curtains during the day, while the sheer layer filters light, then closes at night for privacy. Shutters are also ideal for main living areas, especially kitchens. You can lift the slats up or down to allow light in, but keep people from seeing inside your home.
  • Bedrooms: Bedrooms need privacy, but during the day, they also require light. For a touch of elegance, add shutters to your room. If you prefer pops of colour and personality, consider purchasing curtains from a leading Calgary retailer instead. Curtains can be changed to match trends and styles more affordably than other window treatments. If your style preferences change frequently, drapes could be the ideal solution for you.
  • Bathrooms: A bathroom needs maximum privacy while offering filtered natural light.You do not want a window covering that you need to lift up and down daily for privacy. A cellular shade is best because it provides you with insulation, cool temperatures, and you can lower it from the top to add in light while maintaining optimum privacy.

When shopping for drapery and blinds in Calgary, make Sheila’s Drapery your first stop. We offer everything from custom curtains to in-home consultations.

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